Eight Critical Mistakes To Avoid In Negotiating

  1. Inadequate Preparation – Preparation provides a good picture of your options and allows you to be flexible at the crunch time.
  2. Ignoring the Give/Get Principle – Each party needs to conclude the negotiations feeling something has been gained.
  3. Use of Intimidating Behavior – Research shows the tougher the tactics the tougher the resistance. Persuasiveness not dominance makes for more effective outcome.
  4. Impatience – Give ideas and proposals time to work. Don’t rush things. Patience pays.
  5. Loss of Temper – Strong negative emotions are a deterrent to developing a cooperative environment for creating solutions.
  6. Talking too Much and Listening Too Little – If you learn to listen you will gain knowledge. If you incline your ear you will become wise.
  7. Arguing Instead of Influencing – Your position can best be explained by education, not stubbornness.
  8. Ignoring Conflict – Conflict is the substance of negotiation. Learn to accept and resolve it – not avoid it.

The Real Estate Transaction is a Negotiation

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