Radon Testing

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the NY State Dept. of Health recommend that home buyers test their homes for Radon gas which is a known carcinogen causing lung cancer.  Following are the EPA & NYS Dept. of Health Radon Test Protocols:  To test a home closed house conditions must be maintained for 12 hours prior to the beginning of testing and for 48 – 96 hours during the duration of testing. The house is one large container and we are testing the entire container, therefore all windows and doors must remain closed and all air exchange exhaust fans (bath fans, kitchen exhaust fans, whole house attic fans) must remain off.  People can come and go as they please but must close the door behind them. We are testing for worst case scenario conditions, i.e. winter when a house is closed tight. Radon is found everywhere, the average ambient outdoor level is 0.4pCi/L. The EPA action level is 4.0pCi/L, at or above which the EPA recommends a mitigation system be installed in the home to lower the level. New York State law requires Certified Radon Testers to report test results twice a year to the NYS Dept. of Health. Professional Radon testers MUST be certified and listed with the NYS Dept. of Health, be sure to CONFIRM your Radon tester’s certification at the NYS Dept. of Health Website Listing of Certified Radon Testers.